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I'm Angela Cowan, a writer and artist from Ayrshire, Scotland. I create pet portraits, funny T-shirts, and original designs on a range of indie merchandise including retro/psychedelic artwork, Scottish sayings, and painful puns. 

I also write a cozy mystery novels starring a dead serial killer and a talking Glaswegian dog who time travel and save lives. Think Quantum Leap meets Agatha Christie via Stanley Baxter. Sign up for my random newsletter and get a free short story featuring Marty and Weedgie - A Scarlet in Study involves our heroes, a certain supervisor and some cheesy music.

In-between writing and designing, I drink too much coffee and travel everywhere at 90mph behind Elvis the Labradoodle.

Elvis Doodle: Blog for Dogs

Labradoodle Elvis

Elvis the Labradoodle - yes, he really is that big - writes his own blog posts. Whatever you do, don't let your dog read them. Otherwise, I write about time travel and whatever else comes into my head, whenever the mood takes me.

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