He’s got blood on his hands. A talking dog underfoot. And an eternity doomed to saving lives. 

Imagine Quantum Leap meets Agatha Christie, and you’ll get a flavour of what’s in store. Serial killer Marty is brought back to life and given the chance to redeem himself, but his partner is Weedgie, a sarcastic talking dog from Glasgow. Each novel is set in a different time and place, and the series should be read in order, as there are quite a few surprises. Scottish humour, mystery, time travel, black comedy and a possessed teddy bear. What more could you ask for…?

Here are the Marty and Weedgie books in order.  

Young Adult Books

A deserted home. A mysterious man. Will a decades-old murder spree return, even bloodier than before?

Fourteen-year-old Kit wishes his mother had never died. Feeling lost after moving to London, his loneliness turns to fright when he spots an abandoned house that makes his skin crawl. And after he’s scared away by a sinister man, he ditches class, unable to shake the image of the creepy guy’s haunting stare…

Worried the guy is a psycho teacher out to bust him, Kit does some digging but finds no trace of the man in school records. Instead, he stumbles across a farfetched connection to a string of grisly events in the 1970s. And the teen continues to doubt his sanity when he hears voices, has unexplainable visions, and fears danger lurks right around the corner.

Can Kit solve a frightening puzzle before a bloody past rears its ugly head?

The Next One is the prequel to the gripping Marty and Weedgie Time Travel series. If you like courageous young heroes, paradoxical twists, and page-turning action, then you’ll love Angela Cowan’s dark tale.

Buy The Next One to stop the countdown to a murder today!

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