He’s travelling through time to save lives. But he’d rather go back to snuffing them out…

 Marty Hollis will never rest in peace knowing that he fell short of a double-digit body count. As if his broken killing streak wasn’t infuriating enough, cosmic forces bring him back from the dead and pair him up with a motor-mouthed canine with a thick Glasgow accent. Given the choice to spend eternity saving lives or suffering in a void of nothingness, Marty reluctantly steps through time into his first mission.

 Now stuck in the year 1968 with his snarky, TV-addicted mutt, Marty is horrified to discover his new gig makes it impossible to hurt a fly. So it’s with a heavy heart that he sets off in search of the victim whose murder he must prevent.  But as the duo quickly learn, killing people is easy—but keeping them alive is a bloody nightmare!

 Can Marty and his sarcastic sidekick save the day before they’re both doomed to oblivion?

To Kill a Mocking Dog is the first book in the wacky Marty and Weedgie time travel mystery series.


5 Great Things About 1968…

1 - It's personal. We moved into our brand new house in 1968 and this wall clock has been here ever since. (We're not big on renewing furniture items unless completely necessary) The wall behind it has changed a few times and the clock has witnessed my David Cassidy...

Getting there…

The site is up and running and I hope everything is working properly (including me). Please bear with me as I'm sure I will continue to faff about with it in due course. Meanwhile, check back here for posts about time travel, dogs and anything else which takes my...

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