groovy covid virus by

The weird-looking thing above is my version of the Covid virus. I thought it looked fairly groovy and I would make it groovier, although, to be fair, I have drunk a lot of wine over the past year and a bit, so I’m probably not the best judge of grooviness right now. Still, the urge to time travel back to sometime in 1967 has never been stronger – experience the Summer of Love instead of the Summer of Sourdough Starters. I’ll drink to that.

How did you cope with lockdown? Did you discover yoga or uncover your inner health guru? Or maybe you binge-watched Breaking Bad and made a bold career move as a result. Whether you’re reading this from your home office or a prison cell, I hope you are happy and well-adjusted. If you’ve never been well-adjusted it’s probably too late to start now, so neck some wine and pretend you’re at Woodstock watching Jimi Hendrix. (I know that was ’69. Time travel is flexible in my head)

If this was 1967 I’d be wearing a psychedelic top and silver jewellery and my hair would be long and…hang on, I already look like that. I’ve been dressing for 1967 since 1980. What have you been doing while the pandemic has raged, Angela, I hear you ask. Well, in my head, you asked…or someone did. Maybe it was me? As long as it wasn’t Elvis, my Doodle, I’m okay with it.

Since you ask, I used the time to rediscover my love of psychedelic pop art and added a Woocommerce store here on Time Travellers, plus print on demand merchandise on Amazon, Redbubble, Teepublic and Etsy. If you want Scottish humour and general groovy stuff, then this is the shop for you. Prison deliveries may be tricky, though…


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