About Angela Cowan

Angela began telling stories at an early age and hasn’t stopped since. She loves time travel, dogs and mysteries, and has combined all three to hilarious effect in the Marty and Weedgie novels.

Think ‘Quantum Leap meets Agatha Christie.’

Angela writes in-between walking her Labradoodle Elvis, drinking too much coffee and wondering how they get the custard into custard creams.

If you like crazy characters, surreal adventures, and a dash of suspense, then you’ll love Angela’s books.

This is Elvis. He’s the one on the left. Yes, he really is that big.

The inspiration for Weedgie came from numerous sources: it began years before with a photograph of a dog in a shop window and encompassed all the dogs Angela has owned plus a few she’s met along the way.

Elvis is gentle, good-natured and fond of stealing footballs. Sometimes, Angela calls him ‘Weedgie’ by mistake and now she’s waiting nervously for the day he starts talking…


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